Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are automated or semi-automated machines that process and destroy materials in advance of disposal or recycling, specifically by shredding them. They consist a feed area into which materials enter to encounter slicing blades or crushing gears and a chute that transports materials into a conveyor for further handling or a receptacle for disposal.

Many shredders also have screens to catch shredded material that is too large for the finished product. Not to be wasted, the caught material is sent back through the shredder as many times as it takes to get it down to size.

Shredders may be small, handfed and located in the home or office, or they may occupy commercial shredding plants, shredding thousands of pounds of material by the hour. Read More…Request for Quote

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They may even be located in trucks called mobile shredders. Shredder machines are popular in many industries, including milling, healthcare, recycling, paper production, waste removal and parks and recreation.

Shredder capabilities are not limited to paper. Rather, a myriad of industrial shredders exist to shred and crush a variety of materials. This myriad includes: metal shredders, cardboard shredders, industrial grinders, plastic shredders and granulators and hard drive shredders. In addition, chipper shredders and tire shredders exist to create wood chips and rubber chips or crumbs, respectively, from wood and rubber tires.

Examples of wood chip applications include: walkways, lawns, gardens and playgrounds. In addition to being gathered from trees, wood chip wood can come from wood waste such as old blocks, pallets and crates. Rubber crumb is used for indoor playing fields, new tires and asphalt.

The material or materials with which a modular building is constructed depend almost entirely upon the environment in which it will reside. Any given climate or interior environment may present any number of challenges, such as the threat of corrosion, oxidation and general deterioration. To combat storms and corrosion, many manufacturers create buildings using steel or stainless steel, which is both strong and corrosion resistant.

The shredding industry provides a vital service to a wide variety of customers, including recycling plants, individual recyclers and schools, medical practices, law firms and government agencies, which shred hard drives and paper documents to protect privacy.

All sorts of products can be recycled and treated for reuse. Old cars, scrap metal, old tires, car bumpers, tree branches, plastic bottles, newspapers and other non-classified paper, steel drums, tubing and cable are all examples of materials that can be recycled, shredded or granulated and turned into something new.

To further assist in their customers’ various applications, shredder suppliers offer several services, such as off-site shredding, remote shredding and mobile shredding. Off-site shredding is a common service, during which gathered materials are transported to a recycling facility. Off-site shredding is used heavily by recycling plants to process wood and other organic materials, non-working vehicles, plastics, cardboard, tires and scrap metal.

Similarly, in remote shredding, documents to be shredded off-site are picked up by a driver and driven to a recycling plant the same day. Materials shred using remote shredding include branches, crates, cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials gathered in the home. Mobile shredding is a service utilized by government agencies, medical practices and other businesses that are restricted by privacy laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Laws like this require that they have a witness present for the shredding of documents. So, mobile shredders come to them on modified trucks that contain shredders that can shred up to 8,000 pounds of paper within an hour on the spot. Some shredders are hand-fed, but aside from small, home shredders, this is now a rarity due to safety concerns.

Most industrial shredders are instead fed by a conveyor that is loaded by a forklift or regulated by meter feeding. Nevertheless, to ensure worker safety, we recommend that employers train their workers in responsible shredder loading and unloading.

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