Waste Shredders

These industrial shredders come in a variety of sizes and can have applications in many industries where large waste needs to be condensed before disposal. Some of the most common types of shredders use shaft grinders, hammer mills, slow speed sheers or refining mills to process materials. Sometimes waste shredding is just the beginning of the recycling process, particularly for recycled metals.

Waste shredders can be built to run on electrical or gas power and many of the larger ones run on a gas powered generator that puts out enough horsepower to process objects as large as old cars and appliances. Most shredders process materials by running them through a series of rotating discs and blades that crush them and then forcefully separate them so that the remaining materials can be easily condensed for disposal or repurposing.

Waste Shredders
Waste Shredders – Vecoplan, LLC

Some waste shredding units have a conveyor belt attached to them. This belt carries that shredded waste to a bin or depository, preventing the waste from quickly building up around the machine if it is used frequently.

Most waste shredders have a hopper located on the top of the machine. This hopper is where the waste must be placed. From here it is pulled directly into the machine to be shredded. This equipment can be very dangerous, so it is important that the appropriate safety precautions are used when operating a waste shredder. A control and management system is attached to the shredder, and this can be used to operate the machine by controlling speeds and output.

Waste shredders are equipped with an emergency stop feature that immediately shuts the entire system down if someone is in danger or if material somehow becomes jammed in the mechanism. Most waste shredder manufacturers offer support for their systems, so you can contact them for repairs if you experience any mechanical issues.

Waste Shredders Waste shredders are useful for industrial businesses, municipal service departments and waste disposal centers. Heavy duty waste shredders are capable of processing everything from paper to bulky waste made out of strong materials like wood and metal. Some waste shredders can be built to reduce materials to a fine pulp if necessary.