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Many industries are making recycling a major priority. One way of doing so is to make sure that they not only use both sides of paper, but when they are finished with it, they make sure to recycle it. The first step in recycling the paper that industries take is through a shredder. Shredding is not simply used to destroy classified and personal documents, but it is the first step taken with non-classified paper, plastics, metal scrap and old tires. They must fist be shredded, from there they can move on to be recycled.

Each material must be recycled in a slightly different way. Paper must first be shredded into small shreds or pieces; from there it is reduced into a raw pulp. This can then be used to manufacture new paper. Plastic products meanwhile are broken down into fine particles by granulators from a rotor with strong blades and high speeds. Once it is in this fine particle state it can be heat treated to be converted into other plastic products. Tires are shredded down into what is referred to as crumb rubber. These shreds can then go on to create new tires or possibly road asphalt. By taking steps in recycling everyday, a big difference can be made.

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